Overwatch Tier List

This Overwatch hero tier list identifies what are the most popular hero picks in Overwatch during this current season. This information is pulled together from a variety of sources; data from competitive matches, professional player feedback and our own personal experience. Blizzard regularly tinkers with the performance of individual heroes and as a result it is difficult to have an optimal pick for all maps and game types. I personally believe that they have done a fantastic job of balancing the game, this is shown by the ability to play every single hero effectively in at least a few different scenarios. In the past they have not been shy of completely nerfing overpowered heroes, and on the flip side buffing heroes that are rarely picked.

While the above certainly holds true, it is undeniable that on almost every single patch there have been a select few Overwatch heroes that stand out above the rest. These heroes will often be seen in almost all match compositions. This list is designed to provide players with a guide to who each of these heroes are and ultimately, why they are so frequently picked, they will be found in the top tiers below.

One thing to consider is that, while some heroes may feature at the top end of this list, that does not necessarily make them a fantastic pick. You should always be selecting heroes based upon the existing team composition that you have and always ensuring that you are matched up well against the enemy composition too. Overwatch is a dynamic game that constantly changes throughout each round and map, it is crucial that compositions are changed when required. Failure to do so will often lead to defeat to a more optimally selected team.

Tier Descriptions

Tier 1 – Top tier heroes, these are picked in the vast majority of team compositions. Some consider these to be overpowered. (90% Usage)

Tier 2 – Extremely popular heroes that are regarded as being core picks of any team composition. Very influential and high impact heroes. (80% Usage)

Tier 3 – Powerful heroes that are frequently seen in team compositions. They are regarded by many as being balanced and good picks. (50% Usage)

Tier 4 – Heroes with potential to be good in the right players hands. In some instances, team composition needs to be built around them. (20% Usage)

Tier 5 – Generally acknowledged as being the weakest heroes in the current meta. They are often considered to not be a viable pick. (10% Usage)

Ranked Hero List

Tier Hero Role Difficulty Guide
Tier 1 Lucio Support Medium Lucio Guide
  Winston Tank Easy Winston Guide
Tier 2 Ana Support Hard Ana Guide
  Junkrat Defense Medium Junkrat Guide
  Mercy Support Medium Mercy Guide
  Reaper Offense Easy Reaper Guide
  Soldier: 76 Offense Easy Soldier: 76 Guide
  Zenyatta Support Medium Zenyatta Guide
Tier 3 D.Va Tank Medium D.Va Guide
  Doomfist Offense Hard Doomfist Guide
  Genji Offense Hard Genji Guide
  Hanzo Defense Medium Hanzo Guide
  McCree Offense Medium McCree Guide
  Moira Support Medium Moira Guide
  Pharah Offense Medium Pharah Guide
  Reinhardt Tank Easy Reinhardt Guide
  Roadhog Tank Medium Roadhog Guide
  Tracer Offense Medium Tracer Guide
  Zarya Tank Medium Zarya Guide
Tier 4 Mei Defense Hard Mei Guide
  Orisa Tank Medium Orisa Guide
Tier 5 Bastion Defense Easy Bastion Guide
  Sombra Offense Medium Sombra Guide
  Symmetra Support Easy Symmetra Guide
  Torbjorn Defense Easy Torbjorn Guide
  Widowmaker Defense Medium Widowmaker Guide