Cobblestone Callouts


This map overview outlines all of the current callouts for Cobblestone. Below is a table which provides some additional information about each of these locations on the map. Click the button below to learn where the best nade lineups are on the map.

T SpawnT Spawn is situated to the north of the map, outlined by the green square in the map overview. It is where the terrorist players spawn.
StatueStatue is a raised area in the northern part of the map, close to T Spawn.
PatioPatio is a raised area that connects to D Lore and T Ramp.
CatwalkCatwalk is a raised area which connects T Ramp to A Long.
T RampT Ramp is a ramp which connects to Catwalk, Snake and Mid.
SnakeSnake contains two sets of stairs that connects to T Ramp and D Lore.
Upper HallsUpper Halls connects to D Lore and Lower Halls.
D LoreD Lore connects to Snake, Upper Halls and Patio via a small set of stairs.
MidMid is the middle of the map, it connects to T Ramp to the north and CT Ramp to the south.
Lower HallsLower Halls is situated between Upper Halls, Sky and B Long.
A LongA Long refers to a substantial area on the eastern side of the map, it connects to Catwalk and A Site.
B LongB Long is typically the main route of attack for terrorists pushing B Site. It connects to Lower Halls, the Broken Wall and B Plat.
B PlatB Plat is an elevated area which connects to B Long and the B Site via some stairs. This is often used by counter-terrorists to hold off pushes onto the B Site.
Broken WallBroken Wall is a hole in the wall on B Long, it enables players to easily cross from B Long to B Site or vice versa.
SkySky is a very small elevated room which sits above Drop. Terrorists can quickly access Drop by jumping down, while counter-terrorists can climb on top of some barrels to access Sky.
DropDrop, also known as Drop Room, is a small room which intersects Connector, Sky, and Electric. It has some barrels inside it which enable counter-terrorists to climb up into Sky.
B ShortB Short is a very narrow passage which is situated between Electric and the Broken Wall. It is surrounded on both sides by large walls, one of which can be boosted on to.
BoostBoost is an elevated area next to B Site and B Short, it has a tree on top of it and is a commonly used spot for holding against terrorist advances towards Broken Wall.
B SiteB site is situated to the south-eastern corner of the map, outlined by the orange line in the map overview. It contains a small platform and a fountain in the center.
NinjaNinja is a small corner situated to the east of B Site. It received its name due to being infrequently checked by attacking terrorists.
Chicken CoopChicken Coop is a very small hut situated to the south of B Site, it offers cover from the rest of the surrounding area but is penetrable to most bullets.
B DoorsB Doors are situated in between Connector and B Site. They are a single set of open doors that players can see partially through.
RockRock is a small rock which is situated just outside of B Doors, close to B Site. It offers minimal cover to players, often when retaking B Site from terrorists.
WindowWindow is a small window that players are able to jump through between Drop and Connector.
ElectricElectric is a small room which connects Drop to B Short.
CT RampCT Ramp is a ramp which connects Mid to A Site. It is typically the main point of entry to the bomb site.
CubbyCubby is a small area situated next to A Long, it enables counter-terrorists to hide behind it for cover from aggressing terrorists.
A SiteA site is situated to the south of the map, outlined by the orange line in the map overview. It is situated next to CT Spawn and is exposed from all angles.
StablesStables are a small pathway between A Long and A Site. There is a small wooden fence providing some cover, however it is penetrable by most bullets.
CT SpawnCT Spawn is situated to the south of the map, outlined by the green line in the map overview. It is where the counter-terrorist players spawn.
BalconyBalcony is a raised area that connects Vent Room to CT Spawn. It is frequently used to re-take A Site by counter-terrorists.
Vent RoomVent Room is a small room which is situated between Connector and Balcony.
ConnectorConnector is a large space which has a cylindrical wall in the center of it. It is the main route for counter-terrorists to rotate between A Site and B Site. It directly connects to A Site, Vent Room, Drop and B Site.
FountainFountain is situated directly in the center of B Site. It is a raised area which provides some cover for people either defending the bombsite or attempting to plant the bomb.