Dust 2 Callouts


This map overview outlines all of the current callouts for Dust 2. Below is a table which provides some additional information about each of these locations on the map. Click the button below to learn where the best nade lineups are on the map.

A CarA Car is a car situated at the northern end of Long, close to A Site. It provides great cover from Long and Short pushes.
A CrossA Cross is a small area of the map in between Long and A Ramp. It is called cross, because it is a very exposed location to counter-terrorists holding against Long pushes from CT Spawn, Short and even as far away as CT Mid.
A Default PlantA Default is the most commonly utilized bomb plant location on A Site. It is on the corner of the bomb site that is closest to Long. This spot is used because it can be covered from almost all angles.
A LongA Long is a significant part of the map which connects Long Doors and the Pit to A Site.
A NinjaNinja is a spot situated within A Plat, it is often used to attempt ninja defuses by counter-terrorists, or to hold bomb plants if the counter-terrorists are pushing from CT or Long.
A PlatformA Platform is the area of the map in between A Short and A Site.
A RampA Ramp is a ramp which is situated north of Cross, it leads directly up to A Site.
A ShortShort is a pathway which connects the area between Catwalk and Xbox to stairs, it also stretches right up towards A Plat.
B Back SiteB Back Site is the most northern area of the bomb site, next to B Plat and Window. There are various boxes and bricks surrounding this area.
B BoxesB Boxes are situated immediately outside B Doors, in CT Mid. They are frequented by players who are holding pushes from Mid to B. Additionally, when B Doors have been smoked off by terrorists, counter-terrorists often boost on top of them to see over the smoke.
B CarB Car is the car found on B Site towards the south, it is situated next to Closet.
B ClosetB Closet is the area situated behind the car and box in B Site. It is often used by terrorists defending the bomb site after planting the bomb, this is due to it having good cover.
B Default PlantB Default is where the majority of bomb plants are made, it is situated against the wall, between the Window and B Doors.
B DoorsB Doors is a set of doors which is one of the two entry points into the bomb site from CT Mid, the other being Window. The doors are penetrable and are often spammed through.
B PlatB Plat is the raised section of B Site, situated in the north-western corner of the map and bomb site. It faces directly opposite B Tunnels and contains various objects used for cover by counter-terrorists holding the site.
Back PlatBack Plat is the northern most region of B Plat. This callout exists as it is part of Plat which cannot be seen by the majority of the bomb site and so many players will hide there.
BarrelsBarrels are a small set of barrels situated at the top of A Ramp.
Big BoxBig Box is a large box situated on B Site, on the southern most edge of Plat. It frequently provides cover for counter-terrorists holding pushes into the bomb site and also for terrorists once the bomb has been planted.
BlueBlue is a large shipping container that is found directly opposite Long Doors in Long.
CatwalkCatwalk is a narrow elevated passage which runs parallel to Mid. Terrorists will use this to push Short up to A Site.
CloseClose is the area directly to the east of the entrance of B Site for players entering via Upper Tunnels. This spot is often overlooked by aggressing terrorist players.
Close Mid DoorsClose Mid Doors are situated immediately outside Mid Doors, on the CT side of the map. This spot is often used to hold Mid by counter-terrorists when they do not have an AWP.
CT MidCT Mid is situated in between CT Spawn and B Site. There is often one player here holding against Mid and Catwalk pushes.
CT SpawnCT Spawn is situated to the north of the map, defined by the green square on the map overview. It is, to a large degree, located directly under A Short and A Plat.
Double StackDouble Stack is a set of stacked boxes, situated in the center of B Site. They often provide cover for terrorists to plant the bomb when the default spot is not available.
ElevatorElevator is a spot situated directly below A site, in the corner closest to CT Spawn. It is called Elevator due to it being a frequently used spot to boost players up onto A Site from below.
FenceFence is the fenced off area to the west of B Site. There is a wall which provides good cover and this location is almost always overlooked by aggressing terrorist players, making it a very good spot to hold B Site.
GooseGoose is the area directly north of A Site, it is an often overlooked off-angle due to players typically being more concerned about A Ramp or the Pit. There is a spray painting of a goose on the wall.
Long CornerLong Corner is a corner at the southern most tip of Long. It is commonly used to hold against terrorists Long pushes by a counter-terrorists AWPer.
Long DoorsLong Doors refers to the area encompassed by two sets of Double Doors in between Long and Outside Long.
Lower B TunnelsLower B Tunnels is the lower side of B Tunnels, it connects Mid and Upper Tunnels via a set of stairs. Lower tunnels contains a small set of bricks, which can be used to peak Short for aggressing counter-terrorists. There is also a double stacked set of boxes, which provides significant cover.
MidMid is the middle section of the map, it stretches from CT Mid, up to Top Mid. The sloped area of this portion of the map is what is often referred to as Mid.
Mid DoorsMid Doors is a set of doors on the CT Spawn side of Mid. This area often sees a lot of action due to it being a pivotal rotation route for terrorists between the A and B bomb sites.
Outside LongOutside Long is a large area of the map outside of Long Doors on the terrorist side of the map. It is situated in between T Spawn and Long Doors.
Outside TunnelsOutside Tunnels is the area, as the name infers, outside of B Tunnels. This area covers off a significant part of the map and so players will often try to be more specific, describing which side of the area an enemy is in.
PitPit is a sloped area that is situated at the most southern tip of Long. It is a very powerful position for holding against terrorists pushing Long Doors, and also for terrorists defending a bomb plant on A Site.
Pit PlatPit Plat is a small raised area that is situated to the east of Pit.
Right Side MidRight Side Mid is situated to the west of Top Mid, it is often used as cover from aggressing counter-terrorists in Mid or Short.
ScaffoldingScaffolding is a set of scaffolding in CT Mid, directly behind Window. They provide a good off-angle for holding against Mid to B pushes. Additionally, the additional elevation is sometimes used to peak into B Site through Window.
Short BoostShort Boost is a group of boxes situated directly opposite Elevator and A Site, right next to CT Spawn. It is used to boost counter-terrorists up to A Short quickly at the start of a round, typically so they can push A Short and catch terrorists off-guard.
Side PitSide Pit is the area situated between Pit and Long Doors.
SuicideSuicide is a narrow part of the map in between T Spawn and Top Mid. It is possible to jump down from T Spawn and run directly through Mid via Suicide. It is called Suicide as counter-terrorist players sometimes peak mid and players traversing this passage are easy targets.
T PlatT Plat is an area to the west of T Spawn, next to T Ramp, that is raised and overlooks the area outside B tunnels. There are a number of objects which can be utilized for cover when watching for counter-terrorists pushing tunnels.
T RampT Ramp is the ramp which leads down from T Plat to the area outside B Tunnels.
T SpawnT Spawn is situated to the south of the map, defined by the green rectangle, it is where terrorist players spawn. T spawn is centrally located on the map and it is possible to view the whole length of the map towards Mid Doors, near CT Spawn. Terrorist AWP players will commonly try to wallbang counter-terrorists as they cross over to the B Site side of the map.
Top MidTop Mid is the most elevated part of Mid, close to Suicide and T Spawn.
Upper B TunnelsUpper B Tunnels is the elevated side of B Tunnels which connects directly to B Site, Lower Tunnels via some stairs and T Spawn.
WindowWindow is a broken bit of the wall in between B Site and CT Mid. It is one of two entry points into the bomb site from CT Mid, the other being B Doors. The Window leads out onto some boxes situated directly on the bomb site.
XboxXbox is a large Box situated on the terrorist side of Mid Doors. The box sits directly in between the doors, Lower Tunnels, Catwalk and Short. Terrorist players will often boost on top of the boxes for quick access to Short.