Inferno Callouts


This map overview outlines all of the current callouts for Inferno. Below is a table which provides some additional information about each of these locations on the map. Click the button below to learn where the best nade lineups are on the map.

A LongLong is the narrow street on the northern side of Top Mid. It connects to A Site via Long Corner, Arch and Library. It is possible to pass through either Arch or Library to access CT Spawn.
A ShortShort is the narrow street on the southern side of Top Mid. It connects through to A Site past Patio, Truck and CT Apartments.
A SiteA site is an area in the east of the map where the bomb can be planted. It Is outlined by an orange rectangle in the map overview.
ArchArch is an archway that connects Long to both Speedway and CT Spawn. It is part of the main rotation route between the two bomb sites.
B SiteB Site is an area in the north-western corner of the map where the bomb can be planted. It is outlined by an orange square surrounding the fountain in the map overview.
Back AlleyBack Alley is a small section of apartments which connects T Apartments to 2nd Mid and CT Apartments.
BalconyBalcony is an area which overlooks Second Mid and Underpass, it is only accessible from the Living Room.
BalconyBalcony is a narrow balcony that is situated above the pit, close to A Site.
BananaBanana is a very narrow path which is situated in between T Ramp, Bottom Mid, and B Site. It is often a frequently contested area of the map, with counter-terrorists often pushing towards the Car to hold against pushes.
BoilerBoiler is a very small room situated at the northern tip of CT Apartments, it is at the bottom of the stairs in the Apartment and leads out to Top Mid on the side of Short.
BoostBoost is a spot which is directly next to 1st on B Site, it is used by counter-terrorists to hold off against Banana pushes.
BridgeBridge is a small bridge that overlooks Second Mid. It is accessible from either Living Room or T Apartments. It is at approximately the same height as the Window in Apartments that it is perpendicular to.
CarCar is a broken car situated at the top of Banana near B Site.
CemeteryCemetery is a small stone wall situated at the back of the Pit that is opposite the Balcony. It is used to hold against pushes from both Short and CT Apartments.
CoffinsCoffins are a stack of several coffins towards Garden on B Site. They are often used to hold against Banana pushes onto B Site due to them providing good cover.
ConstructionConstruction is a section of ruins situated on to the north-east of B Site. It is one of two main entrances into B Site.
CTCT is a frequently used call that does not refer to CT Spawn itself, which can be quite confusing for players. It instead refers to the narrow passage that faces towards CT Spawn, opposite B Site. Aggressing terrorist players will call this out to alert team mates of the risk of being shot from this angle.
CT ApartmentsCT Apartments are the largest section of apartments on the map. Typically when players refer to apartments, they will mean the CT side of them.
CT BoostCT Boost is a very small ledge which is in between Tree and B Site. It is a very strong location for CTs to hold, particularly as the area below it is frequently smoked, making it difficult for aggressing terrorists to see crouched players there.
CT SpawnCT Spawn is the area where counter-terrorists spawn, it is situated in the north-eastern corner of the map and is indicated by a green outline in the map overview.
DarkDark is a, as the name infers, dark corner situated behind some boxes in the north-west corner of B Site.
DosiaDosia is the most south-eastern portion of the map, it is where terrorists who are holding A Site after a bomb plant will hide to survive the explosion. It is named after Dosia, a Russian professional player who once threw a grenade at players in this location to ensure that they died from the bomb’s explosion.
FountainFountain is a water fountain found right in the center of B Site.
GardenGarden is a small area that is situated in between Coffins on B Site and Construction.
GraveyardGraveyard is the raised graveyard situated close to A Site, on the eastern side of the map. Players frequently hide behind a set of walled off stairs near the entrance to the graveyard.
GrillGrill is a small area which is situated close to the north-east corner of B Site.
KitchenKitchen is a room situated between CT Spawn and Kitchen.
LibraryLiving Room is a small living room area which is found within T Apartments, on the northern side of the Bridge in Second Mid. It is accessible from either the stairs near T Ramp, or from the Bridge via T Apartments.
LogsLogs is a small area situated behind some logs at the bottom of Banana near T Ramp. There is a small cubby area next to the logs which provides some good cover from both Mid and the top of Banana.
Long CornerLong Corner is a very small section of Long which is opposite Library. It offers good cover from Top Mid and so is frequently held by counter-terrorists covering this area.
MidMid is a very wide passage which is situated in the middle of the map. It connects to T Ramp, Top Mid, and Second Mid.
PatioPatio is a small section of Short that is frequently held by counter-terrorist players holding Boiler and Top Mid.
PitPit is a low section of the map which is situated below Balcony and next to Graveyard, close to A Site.
QuadQuad is a large stack of boxes situated in the south-western corner of B Site. This is often used as a place to hold B Site against aggressing terrorists or counter-terrorists, once the bomb has been planted.
Second MidSecond Mid is a section of the map which runs parallel to Mid. It connects the area outside of T Spawn to outside of the apartments. Window is situated at the eastern end of this area..
Second Mid StairsSecond Mid Stairs are a small set of stairs found in the street which connects Mid to Second Mid. They are used to boost from Second Mid into the Window to CT Apartments.
SpeedwaySpeedway is a narrow passageway that acts as the main rotation route between the two bomb sites. It connects from Truck near B Site, all the way through to Arch.
StairsStairs are a small set of stairs in the CT Apartments, close to Back Alley and Second Mid.
T ApartmentsT Apartments is the small section of apartments which connects the Bridge to Second Mid and Back Alley.
T RampT Ramp is a small ramp which leads up from outside T Spawn to both Mid and Banana. Terrorist AWPers will often hold the ramp and watch for counter-terrorist players attempting to cross Top Mid from Long to Short.
T SpawnT Spawn is the area where terrorists spawn, it is situated in the south-western corner of the map and is indicated by a green rectangle in the map overview.
TerraceTerrace is a raised area which is covered in flowers near CT Spawn. It is directly next to CT Spawn, Speedway and the Well. It is possible to climb on top of it.
Top MidTop Mid is the area at the eastern end of Mid. This is a highly contested choke point on the map that is spanned by Long and Short. Typically this will be held by two players, one on each side of the choke.
TreeTruck is situated in between the Pit, A Site and Short. It enables players to quickly climb up onto the Balcony and into CT Apartments.
TruckTruck is situated immediately outside of Construction, in between CT and CT Spawn.
UnderpassUnderpass is a very narrow section of the map that connect Mid, near T Ramp, to Second Mid. This passageway requires players to crouch in order to pass through, however it offers a quick way to rotate between these parts of the map.
WindowWindow is an open window, with a small balcony on the eastern side of CT Apartments, it looks over Second Mid and is often used by aggressing counter-terrorists to peak and catch terrorists off guard.