Mirage Callouts


This map overview outlines all of the current callouts for Mirage. Below is a table which provides some additional information about each of these locations on the map. Click the button below to learn where the best nade lineups are on the map.

A DefaultDefault is the area surrounding the most commonly used bomb plant location on A. There is a piece of wood which has a red letter A against the boxes.
A RampA Ramp is the main entrance for terrorists on to A Site, it is situated within an arch and contains a small set of stairs next to a ledge.
A SiteA site is an area in the south of the map where the bomb can be planted. It Is outlined by an orange square in the map overview.
Apps RampApps Ramp is a small ramp which leads up from T Spawn into House so that players can access Back Alley.
ArchesArches are a set of two Arches situated between Short and B Site.
B ApartmentsApartments is a long indoor corridor to the north of the map. It is one of the two main routes which terrorists can use to push B Site.
B DefaultDefault is the best and most commonly used bomb plant location on B. It is situated directly opposite B Plat, next to the Boost Boxes. Terrorists can hold a bomb plant from Apartments
B PlatB Plat is a small platform situated on the western end of Apartments. There is a small table on the northern side of the platform that many players will stand on to use as an off angle.
B ShortShort is one of two ways which terrorists can push B Site, it connects to Ladder Room, Catwalk and through into Mid. Players on Short can look through Connector to A Site.
B SiteB Site is an area in the north-western corner of the map where the bomb can be planted. It is outlined by an orange square in the map overview.
Back AlleyBack Alley is an area that connects Apartments, Underpass and House. Players will often throw smokes and flashes over the roof when rushing B Site from here.
BalconyBalcony is a small wooden balcony which has a ladder leading up on top of it. It connects Palace to Shadows and A Site.
BenchBench is a small bench in the north-western corner of the map, next to B Site. There is a brick wall which provides excellent cover for players covering the bomb site.
BoostBoost is a small bench that can be utilized to jump up onto a ledge outside of the Sniper’s Nest window. This enables fairly rapid access into a powerful spot, without the need of another player.
Boost BoxesBoost Boxes are a stack of boxes situated next to Default on B Site, players can, as the name suggests, be boosted on top of them.
CartCart is a small group of boxes which can be climbed on to access House. Previously there was a cart in this location.
CatwalkCatwalk is a short open area of the map that runs parallel to Mid. It is the only way for terrorists to access Short when pushing B.
ChairChair is a small corner situated on the south side of Mid, it is frequently used to hold against counter-terrorist aggression on Short.
ConnectorConnector is a small passage that links A Site to Mid. There is a small set of stairs in the connector, with some boxes either side of them.
CTThis is a commonly used call that can either refer to CT Spawn, or to the area which is closer to A Site on the stairs next to the ticket booth.
CT SpawnCT Spawn is the area where counter-terrorists spawn, it is situated in the south-western corner of the map and is indicated by a green outline in the map overview.
DoorDoor is a small doorway which connects Market to the western side of B Site
E BoxE Box is the south-eastern corner of B Site, it is close to both Window and Arches. Players sometimes hold this spot as an off-angle for players entering from both of these locations.
EmptyEmpty is the corner pillar on B Site that is situated closest to the Door to Market.
FireboxFirebox is a small spot in the south-western corner of A Site, players can hide here and only be spotted by players who are exiting Palace via the Balcony.
HouseHouse is the corridor which connects Apartments Ramp near T Spawn to Back Alley.
JungleJungle is the area ranging from the Sniper’s Nest window, through towards A Site. There is a vent in the room which facilitates players to rotate quickly between B Site and A Site.
KitchenKitchen is a room situated at the eastern end of Apartments. There is a small wooden panel in the room that can be penetrated by many guns. Players frequently spray from Short to Kitchen through this panel.
Ladder RoomLadder Room is a small room between Sniper’s Nest and B Short. There is a small Vent in between it and Sniper’s Nest.
MarketMarket is a room which connects CT Spawn to B Site via Door and Window.
MidMid is one of the largest open areas of the map, located right in the middle as the name implies. It is a highly contested area, with Snipers Nest in the window on the counter-terrorist side to the west and Mid Boxes on the terrorist side to the east.
Mid BoxesMid Boxes are a large group of boxes, including a small cart, situated at the eastern side of Mid. Close to T Spawn, the boxes are sometimes referred to as Top Mid.
NinjaNinja is a small spot directly south of A Site where counter-terrorist players occasionally hide to attempt to ninja defuse the bomb.
PalacePalace is a large building in the south-eastern corner of the map, it can be accessed via T Spawn and from the Balcony near A Site. It is the second available entry point to the A Site from T Spawn. Many terrorist teams will simultaneously push Palace and Ramp.
PillarsPillars are a group of pillars found within Palace, these are often used for cover by terrorists holding against aggressing counter-terrorist players.
SandwichSandwich is a small spot situated in between Stairs and Tetris, close to A Site.
ShadowsShadows is the area situated directly under Balcony. It is situated in between the entrance to Palace on A Site and A Ramp. It is frequently used to hold against terrorist pushes from both entrances.
Short CornerShort Corner is a corner next to Arches near Short on B Site. Players regularly hold against Apartment and Short pushes from this spot.
Side AlleySide Alley is a passage between T Spawn and Top Mid. There is a doorway where some players hide in the alley.
SneakySneaky is a spot situated to the side of the fridges in the Market. It is an often overlooked spot where players hide from enemies aggressing from CT Spawn.
Sniper’s NestSniper’s Nest is a large window that overlooks Mid from the counter-terrorist side of the map. It is a highly contested area due to terrorists pushing Top Mid directly from T Spawn.
StairsStairs are a set of stairs which are situated opposite Jungle and close to the Connector entrance onto A Site. The stairs are frequently used to hold against Palace pushes.
T RoofT Roof is a raised ledge situated directly behind A Ramp towards T Spawn. It is a spot which is frequently used to hold against aggressing counter-terrorists and also to throw certain grenades onto A site.
T SpawnT Spawn is the area where terrorists spawn, it is situated in the north-eastern corner of the map and is indicated by a green rectangle in the map overview.
TetrisTetris is a group of stones which are situated directly in front of A Ramp, close to A Site.
Ticket BoothTicket Booth is a tall block situated towards the top of the stairs near CT Spawn. It is possible to jump onto a box next to the booth and then on top of the booth itself to see over smoke grenades.
Top MidTop Mid refers to the entire area around the terrorist side of mid, including all around the Mid Boxes.
TrashTrash is a small bin situated on the opposite side of the stairs from ticket booth. Players can stand on top of the bin, which can be used to create a slight off-angle for aggressing players.
Triple BoxTriple Box is a set of 3 boxes situated at the north-western corner of A Site, close to CT.
TVTV is a television situated in House, next to Apartments Ramp.
UnderpassUnderpass is a long passage that runs underneath Short. It can be accessed from Back Alley and Mid.
VanVan is a white truck that is situated in the north-western corner of the map, opposite the end of B Plat near B Site. Counter-terrorist players will use a barrel next to the truck to boost up on top of it and either peak or jump into Apartments.
VentVent is a vent which covers a hole in between Sniper’s Nest overlooking Mid and Ladder Room. The vent can be broken by a single point of damage from any weapon.
WindowWindow is a small Window situated in Market that opens out into B Site. At the start of the round there is a small wooden panel which partially obscures the view. This can be removed with a single point of damage from any weapon.