Overpass Callouts


This map overview outlines all of the current callouts for Overpass. Below is a table which provides some additional information about each of these locations on the map. Click the button below to learn where the best nade lineups are on the map.

A LongA Long is the largest open stretch of space on the map, situated to the west. It connects Fountain and Playground up to A Site. Toilets also connect to the middle of A Long, which offers the opportunity to rotate quickly to short or B via Connector.
A ShortShort is an area of the map which runs parallel to Toilets. They also connect Mid through to A Site.
A SiteA Site is one of the two areas on the map where the bomb can be planted. It is situated in the north of the map, identified by a orange rectangle in the overview.
B ShortB Short is the entrance to B Site that connects to Water. It has a stack of sand bags on it which can provide some cover.
B SiteB Site is one of the two areas on the map where the bomb can be planted. It is situated in the north-east of the map, identified by a orange line in the map overview.
BankBank is the bank building situated at the far north of the map, it contains some stairs and connects below the A Bombsite through towards B Site.
BenchBench is a small stretch of wall just north of Long Boost.
BinsBins are the set of bins found slightly to the north of A Site, right next to the stairs leading down to B Site.
BoostBoost is a spot close to B Site which contains some sandbags. They enable players to be boosted up over the wall and therefore peak down into Water.
BridgeBridge is a small piece of the map that connects Walkway down to the entrance to B Short and Sand Bags.
CafeCafe is a call sign which is situated just behind the corner of the counter-terrorist side of A Long,
Close Left (Long)Close Left on A Long is the corner found on the left hand side when exiting on to A Site. It is an often overlooked spot when pushing this part of the map and this can prove fatal.
ConnectorConnector is the area surrounding two sets of stairs in the main terrorist rotation point between the bomb sites.
CTCT is a separate call from CT Spawn, which is found on A Site. Instead, this callout typically refers to the area behind the bomb site. This includes the various different sets of stairs and rooms in between Bank and Stairs.
CT SpawnCT Spawn is the area where terrorist players spawn, it is situated on A Site in the north of the map. It is identified by a green outline in the map overview.
Default (A)Default is the best and most commonly used spot to plant the bomb in most situations. It is just to the south of the two main boxes on the site, which can be covered from many different angles.
FlowersFlowers are a small flowerbed situated in between A Short and A Site. Some players will stand behind it when in a firefight due to it only exposing the head.
FountainFountain is a large area surrounding the fountain situated directly south of Mid. It connects to A Long, Party, Mid, Playground and Upper Tunnels.
GraffitiGraffiti is a a walled off section of the map towards the back of B. There are various locations where players can be boosted to peak over the wall into Water.
HeavenHeaven is a raised platform that acts as an excellent viewpoint over the whole of B Site.
HitmarkerHitmarker is situated at the most southern tip of A Long. It is the main way that terrorists access Long, it received its name due to being frequently held by counter-terrorist AWPers.
LadderLadder is a ladder which facilitates rotations between Upper and Lower Tunnels.
Long BoostLong Boost is a flowerbed which can be climbed on top of via the small bench next to it. This spot is used by both teams, with the spot giving a great vantage point down on to A Site and A Long.
Long ToiletsLong Toilets is the section of toilets situated closest to A Long.
Lower TunnelsLower Tunnels are the section of tunnels which are situated below the ladder leading up to Upper Tunnels. They lead down to the bottom of Connector.
MidMid is the area of the map between Party, Toilets, Short, Connector and Fountain. It is often a highly contested area of the map at the beginning of rounds due to aggressive counter-terrorist play.
MonsterMonster is a narrow tunnel which is the most frequently used entry point for terrorists pushing B Site. It is called Monster due to a spray painting surrounding the entrance on the terrorist side of it.
OptimusOptimus is the truck found in the eastern corner of A Site. It is possible for players to jump in between the cabin and the flatbed, the truck provides good cover from various angles.
PartyParty is a raised platform area situated next to Toilets, there are several benches and groups of balloons here.
PillarPillar is a large cylindrical Pillar situated directly next to the B Site. It provides a significant amount of cover for players both attacking and defending the bomb site.
PitPit is a flooded area situated to the west of B Site, below Heaven. There is a small ramp on either side of the pit, enabling players to directly access B Site or Walkway.
PlaygroundPlayground is a walled off area situated south of fountain. This area is typically only occupied by terrorists pushing from Upper Tunnels through to A Long.
RockRock is a small rock that is found to the south of A Long, terrorists pushing Long will use it for cover against counter-terrorists
Sand BagsSand Bags are a stack of sand bags found on B Short. Players will often use these for cover, typically terrorists when pushing the B Site or defending a bomb plant.
SewersSewers are a lowered area situated in the north-eastern corner of the map, east of B Site and north of Monster.
Short TunnelShort Tunnel is a narrow tunnel which leads through to water.
Sign PostSign Post is a large sign post found in between A Long and A Short on A Site. Players can be boosted on top of it so they can peak Short and Toilets, while remaining covered from Long.
SqueakySqueaky is a door which sits at the bottom of Connector.
StorageStorage is a storage room situated in between Bank and the stairs leading up to A Site.
T SpawnT Spawn is the area where terrorist players spawn, it is situated in the south of the map. It is identified by a green outline in the map overview.
ToiletsToilets is the stretch of the toilets that connect Mid through towards A Site.
Toxic BarrelsToxic Barrels are a set of barrels at the north of B Site. Players will often hold Monster from here due to their heads only being exposed.
TracksTracks is the area situated on the terrorists side of the map. It is found south of Monster and east of Short Tunnel.
TreeTree is a tree located approximately half way up A Long, on the western side. There is a small rock directly next to it, both of these objects provide good cover to hold from aggression on either side of the map.
Upper TunnelsUpper Tunnels is the section of tunnels which connects the stairs next to T Spawn to Connector via Ladder.
VanVan is located directly outside of bank, close to A Site. The Van provides some good cover for counter-terrorists holding A Long.
WaterWater is a flooded area of the map which connects Connector, Short Tunnel, and B Site.