Of all the different types of video games out there, cursor precision is most critical in first-person shooters. In games where a millisecond can make the difference between living and dying, being able to rapidly aim is of pivotal importance. This is particularly the case when it comes to playing competitive Counter-Strike. For this reason, ensuring that you have a fine tuned mouse is the most important thing to consider for serious gamers.

Fortunately there is an abundance of great manufacturers out there who really do understand player needs and expectations. Some of them have worked directly with players when developing their mice to ensure that they are built to assist players in any way possible. There is a wide array of different shapes and sizes available, with many technical differences between them too. It can be quite difficult to navigate through all of this noise; however, we have done the dirty work for you and below have outlined what we believe are the five best mice for CS:GO today. Take a look and find out what gear the professionals are using to optimise their game.



Zowie EC2


Zowie EC1


Logitech G Pro


Zowie ZA13


Zowie FK2


Zowie has dominated the first-person shooter gaming mouse market for several years now, and the EC2 has been on top for most of them. It has been the brand’s top selling mouse for many years now and this is largely due to its popularity for players of competitive shooter titles like Counter-Strike. This super sleek right-handed mouse has been ergonomically designed to remain comfortable when playing for hours on end. Never once when we have been testing it has it ever been anything but a pleasure to use.

Zowie’s EC2 was designed with CS:GO in mind. It was produced in collaboration with active professional players. This was a huge success, as evidenced by the significant proportion of players who still use the mouse today. The EC2 is suitable for players using either the palm or claw grip types. Its understated design is a timeless classic which doesn’t look out of place as part of any setup. If you are a serious gamer in search of precision, and don’t mind stumping up a decent amount of cash to find it, then this could be the perfect mouse for you. Read our detailed review through the link below to find out more about this legendary product.

Zowie EC2 Side


As we outlined above, Zowie are undoubtedly the kings when it comes to producing gaming mice for first-person shooters. But the EC2 specifically dominates when it comes to CS:GO. Some publications estimate that as much as 30% of current professional players are using this mouse. This is an astronomical number, particularly when considering that many active players are contractually bound to use products from other brands. The EC2’s popularity is driven by consistently delivering outstanding performance without error. Over the years there has never really been another mouse to challenge it at the top, despite the market becoming increasingly crowded.

“As a competitive gamer, you have to be able to rely on your equipment to be functional at all times. The mouse is probably a gamers most important tool, so it is important that you can trust it to deliver. We have put our focus on precision, stability, durability and comfort.”

Emil “HeatoN” Christensen


Zowie pride themselves on producing sleek and understated mice. Their products come without any of the over-the-top gimmicks that most other brands seem to include with their produts. Don’t expect any fancy additional buttons to save settings to, customisable LEDs, specialist software to finely configure the mouse’s settings. The EC2 has none of that, it is beautifully simple in design. The mouse comes with five buttons, a scroll wheel, and an ergonomically crafted shell. The emphasis was clearly placed on comfort with the EC2, it really does feel fantastic to use, regardless of how long you’re playing for. This alone is a huge achievement, as many mice out there just don’t ever feel quite right.


The EC2-B version of this mouse has been recently upgraded with the 3360 sensor which ensures absolute precision. We didn’t think it was possible, but Zowie have managed to take an already flawless mouse and improve it. On the current iteration you can configure the mouse to switch between four different DPI settings: 400, 800, 1600, and 3200. These settings can be changed quickly, but not exactly on-the-fly, as the buttons to do so are situated on the base of the mouse. It’s also possible to amend the polling rate of the EC2 as well; however, we don’t recommend doing this as it is better to leave it maxed out at 1000hz.


Being designed in part by professional gamers, Zowie’s mice often resonate with their target audience for having features that really matter. This couldn’t be more true than with the EC1. This mouse is more or less the same as the EC2, however it is slightly taller and wider. Aside from this relatively small difference, there are no other differences between the two mice.

The fact that Zowie felt the need to release two mice with such similar characteristics really does outline their attention to detail. The brand understands that the smallest difference can have a substantial impact when it comes to mice ergonomics. If you have a relatively average sized hand, then you should probably opt for the more standard EC2. However, if you tend to gravitate to larger mice, then possibly the EC1 is for you.

Zowie EC1 Side


Logitech have been producing gaming mice for longer than most other brands have been around. Throughout those years they have consistently been innovators who have pushed the boundaries, and that couldn’t be more true than today with the Logitech G Pro. This wireless mouse is perhaps the most popular wireless mouse used by professional gamers, period. In the past people would laugh at you if you told them you used a wireless mouse.

It was always highly advisable to choose a wired mouse if you took your gaming seriously, with most wireless products suffering with various performance issues. Despite this, Logitech have eaten away at that mantra and have developed a truly outstanding mouse. They describe it as being “the ultimate gaming mouse for esports professions” and we honestly believe that they might not be too far off with this stunning product. While it isn’t going to win any awards for having revolutionary lighting, it clearly stands out from the crowd from a performance perspective.

Logitech G Pro Side


Logitech have always been innovators, they have been around the block and have been involved in gaming since its infancy. With decades of experience comes expertise which is hard to put a price on. In more recent years, Logitech has been investing heavily in leveraging further knowledge from professional players. The brand collaborated with over fifty different players in a two year period, from a variety of different games, to ensure that this mouse was optimal in all senses of the word. Their aim was to conjure up a mouse with the perfect shape, weight, and feel.


As is the case with most of the brand’s products, the Wireless G Pro is full to the brim with technology. Logitech are a brand which have repeatedly set the benchmarks for their competitiors and they have done it again with their latest mouse. Its modest, ambidextrous design is equipped with Logitech’s new 16k HERO sensor, a battery which is rated at 40 hours, two main buttons, two sets of side buttons and a scroll wheel. All of this is packaged up into relatively typical mouse dimensions and a tiny 80 grams. This truly next-generation sensor can be scaled between 100 and 16,000 DPI while simultaneously consuming up to ten times less power than previous models.


Let’s be honest, wired mice are a thing of the past. In an age where every product is transitioning to being battery powered, why would a mouse not make the jump. Sure, it can be frustrating to have to recharge your mouse from time to time. But aside from that small issue, it is an absolute no brainer. Cable drag has effectively become a thing of the past. While we are certainly not writing off the cabled mice on this list, we do want to make the world aware of the strides made in the wireless world. Logitech’s Wireless G Pro is powered by the brand’s LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, designed to consistently deliver where all previous wireless mice have failed.


The Zowie ZA range is another ambidextrous mouse designed with comfort in mind. Its main differential characteristic, in relation to the other Zowie mice on this list, is its high profile arch. Designed for palm and claw grip gamers, there are three different mice in Zowie’s ZA range. These are the ZA11, ZA12, and ZA13. The numbers correlate to the size of the mouse, with the ZA13 being the largest of the three options.

There isn’t too much difference in size between each of these, but it is great to be able to cherry-pick the perfect size for your hand. Like all of the brand’s mice, the ZA range are all very understated and are clearly a serious mouse. No flashy lights and no extraneous gimmicks, just a great sensor and ergonomic design. While this is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea, there is a reason that Zowie’s are the most popular type of mouse for professionals.

Zowie ZA13 Side


The Zowie FK line of gaming mice have been amongst the most popular models when it comes to first-person shooters over the years. These mice were designed collaboratively by the Polish Counter-Strike legend, Filip “NEO” Kubski. These ambidextrous mice are very basic in design, but pack a punch when it comes to delivery. The plug-and-play FK2 was designed with comfort and precision in mind. There are three different sizing options in the FK1, FK1+, and FK2.

The medium sized FK2 is our personal favourite, however depending on the size of your hand, your preference might differ slightly. Again, the minimalistic shell has little to complain about, it is well suited for those who prefer to use a claw or fingertip based grip. Those who typically use a palm grip should check out Zowie’s EC range. The most recent iteration of the Zowie FK2 has only a single set of side buttons on the left of the mouse, unfortunately making it less favourable for left-handed gamers.

Zowie FK2 Side


Choosing a mouse for CS:GO is not a straightforward task. There are many compounding factors which make it difficult to determine what the best mouse for you specifically. Firstly, there are many different manufacturers, some producing beautiful mice which offer poor performance, while others make minimalist products which deliver consistently. On top of this, there are also various different types of grip too: palm, claw, and fingertip. Whichever grip you use will be a significant factor in which mouse is most suitable for you.

It is also important to recognise that simply buying the best mouse won’t make a significant difference to your game overnight. While it can certainly improve your aim and consistency, it is more important to put the additional hours of practice in to really develop your skills. A top tier player will be able to outcompete the majority of opponents with an entry level mouse. It is only possible to reach these heights through many thousands of hours of gameplay.

Despite this, a mouse is without a doubt the most important peripheral purchase you can make if you are looking to improve your performance in CS:GO. Ensuring that the gear you are using is professional grade will eliminate additional errors from your game, and so you will know that any mistakes are a result of your own decisions, not your equipment. After all, if you are taking your Counter-Strike seriously and investing many hours per day, then you will at the very least want an ergonomic mouse which is comfortable to use for these stints.


Without a doubt, Zowie is the most dominant brand when it comes to producing the best mice for CS:GO. They are far ahead of their competition when it comes to understanding their target audience, and this has translated into the production of truly world-leading products. Zowie prioiritised working alongside top tier professional players in the development of their flagship models, and this has been hugely successful. It has had a truly multi-faceted effect on their products, helping to refine them to be perfectly suited for competitive shooters, and driving their popularity with the backing of legendary players.

Monopolies of any sort of product is not good for the consumer, and Zowie at present are certainly close to being considered one. Fortunately preferences and standards in the industry are ever changing. Zowie’s dominance looks like it will last into the future, but there are plenty of other brands who are innovating with the intentions of challenging them.